Apps That Can Help Your Health

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Maybe even a few months ago for many application data of Health was one of those apps that catch dust “in a folder with my Exchange, Game Center, Compass Councils, however, with the arrival of Apple Watch many users have begun to catch him something more than affection. And although far from perfect the data it collects and stores are a reflection of our body and that ultimately is invaluable (especially if you have a watch that is responsible for collecting the data). Hence, when we go to change phone simply want to restore the last thing we want is to lose everything we’ve been collecting.

The platform seeks to make a massive analysis of data from two main sources: the first comes from the citizen through a contact form so that they can tell their stories and experiences. Complaints may be made in case of malpractice although related to poor care, the difficulties of access to the provision of certain services and administrative matters will also be taken.

It can access content provided by other users of the community, that is, reproduced in Web Pages external websites. Therefore, the publisher can not be held responsible for the improper and / no permitted use established by those third parties in reference to the contents that can be accessed. These conditions have the effect lasting exposure. It is advised that, whenever you visit, read them carefully. To that end, have a link with them. Monitoring and coordination of health issues of national and international importance.

Intensive Care is an initiative of Public Eye, a non-profit organization that has the support of the Knight Foundation, the International Center for Journalists (ICFJ by its acronym in English) and HacksLabs. The ambitious journalistic initiative will be presented during the last week of August and promises to reveal strong stories that will raise awareness about the business situation of health in the Peruvian territory.

The Annual Report 2014 Mental Health FEAFES Murcia reflects the structure, strategic lines and actions carried out throughout the federation last year and realize the objectives, methodology and activities to offer services such as mental health information, advice to member associations and management agreements and aid programs.

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