Best Shampoo for Thinning Hair

Best hair growth shampoo

When looking for the best hair growth shampoo for thinning hair, look for one that has natural ingredients and markets itself as a thickening treatment.

One such product is Avalon Organics Thickening Shampoo. Although it contains surfactants, they are derived from vegetable compounds and cleanse without penetrating the skin. It is gentle enough to improve any scalp irritation experienced by users, while giving them a thicker (and of course healthier!) feeling mane. On top of that, it has organic ingredients like biotin, saw palmetto extract, and soy protein. These are used to provide and claim certain benefits: volume, nourishment, and hair growth.

A second is L’Oreal Paris Everstrong Thickening Shampoo. Not only is it affordable, but L’Oreal has made a change to its product line and now offers organic ingredients. The harsh chemicals are gone, but the mild chemicals are still strong enough to cleanse. Furthermore, essential oils promote growth and their patented Amino Acid Complex gets each strand of hair thicker.

A third is the Soap Nuts Natural Shampoo. It is an Ayurvedic product by NaturOli. Anything ayurvedic is anything that stems from India’s traditional Hindu medicinal practices. This company prides itself in providing full disclosure of all its ingredients and it is USDA Organic certified. The soap nuts will help detoxify your hair and scalp, which will then go on to allow your hair to regrow in a healthy, clean, and natural way.


A fourth shampoo is Regenepure NT. Just like the two other shampoos, it has the potential to repair damaged hair and restimulate growth. Some of the ingredients you might find attractive are caffeine, emu oil, lecithin, and saw palmetto extract. The first ingredient mentioned has been proven to promote growth, the second is known for regrowth of frontal hair, and the last ingredient inhibits DHT.


Your own best shampoo for thinning hair might just be one that you make yourself. You could get soap nuts and some organic essential oils together, but commercial shampoos offer you convenience. Try them out and see which you like the best. You never know, you may find your new favorite shampoo!

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